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"I Went Electric" (Lloyd) (EMI Blackwood Music Inc./Okay Then) (BMI)

Recorded at The Castle, Franklin,TN, by Byron House.
Overdubs and Mixed by Scott Baggett at 16th Avenue Sound and The Sanctuary in Nashville,TN.

Byron House: acoustic bass guitar
Mike Radovsky: drums
Marshall Crenshaw: acoustic 12-string guitar; electric rhythm guitar; 6-string bass; electric lead (solo); marracas; harmony vocals and the "guest" lead vocal on the bridge
Bill: acoustic guitar; mandolin; electric bass guitar; electric guitars (6 and 12-string); tambourine; the thumb-muted saucepan; and lead vocal
The Clappers: Tom Littlefield, Scott Baggett and Bill

"This is Where I Belong" (Ray Davies) (Hill and Range Songs) (BMI)

Recorded and mixed by Scott Baggett at The Sanctuary.

Brad Jones: bass guitar
Fenner Castner: drums
Mike Grimes: electric guitar
Scott Baggett: Hammond organ
Bill: acoustic guitar; 6 and 12-string electric guitars; percussion; all vocals

"Trampoline"  (Bill Lloyd/Greg Trooper) (EMI Blackwood/Okay Then and Songs of Polygram International Inc.-Door Number One Music-Seven Long Days Music) (BMI)

Recorded at Moondog Music Nashville,TN by Tim Coats.
Overdubs and Mixed by Scott Baggett at Moondog.

Garry Tallent: bass guitar
Tommy Wells: drums
Al Kooper: keyboards
Kim Richey: harmony vocal
Tim Coats: jaw harp
Bill: acoustic and electric guitars (6&12); 6-string bass; percussion and vocals

"In the Line of Fire"  (Bill Lloyd/David Surface) (Careers Music Inc./Kung-Fu Grip Music-Angel On My Table Music) (BMI)

Recorded by Rick Will.
Overdubs and Mixed by Scott Baggett at 16th Ave.Sound  in Nashville, TN.

Byron House: bass
Bob Mummert: drums
Pat Terry: outro vocal harmonies
Bill: all guitars; lead and background vocals; percussion

"I Know What You're Thinkin'" (Lloyd) (EMI-Blackwood/Okay Then) (BMI)

Recorded and mixed by Scott at The Sanctuary.

Byron House: bass
Marc Owens: drums
Scott Baggett: B-3 On the Bridge
Kim Richey and Doug Carman: background vocals (The Aaah's Have It)
Bill: electric guitars; 6-string bass; tambourine and marraccas; lead and bg.vox.

"Forget About Us" (Lloyd) (Careers Music Inc./Kung-Fu Grip Music) (BMI)

Recorded by Rick Will.
Overdubs and Mixed by Scott Baggett at 16th Ave.Sound.

Byron: bass
Bob: drums
Bill: all guitars and percussion; vocals

"Alright" (Lloyd) (Careers Music Inc./Kung-Fu Grip Music) (BMI)

Recorded and mixed by John Hampton  at Ardent in Memphis,TN.

Rick Clark: bass
Jody Stephens: drums
Bill: guitars; percussion; all vocals

"The Man Who Knew Too Much" (Lloyd/Marshall Crenshaw) (EMI-Blackwood/Okay Then and Amalgamated Conolidated Music-administered by Bug) (BMI)

Recorded and Mixed by John Hampton at Ardent-Mefiss.

Rick Clark: bass
Jody Stephens: drums
Bill: guitars; vocals; and percussion

"Niagra Falls" (Lloyd/Fred Koller) (EMI-Blackwood/Okay Then and Lucrative Music-administered by Polygram)  (BMI)

Recorded and mixed by Scott at The Sanctuary.

Brad Jones: bass
Fenner Castner: drums
Mike Grimes: electric guitar
Pat Simmons, Brad Jones and Bill; background vocals
Bill: even more electric guitars; 6-string bass;  percussion and lead vocal

"In a Perfect World"  (Lloyd/Cindy Bullens) (EMI-Blackwood/Okay Then and Mommy's Geetar Music)  (BMI)

Recorded and mixed by Tim Coats at Moondog in Nashville.

Garry Tallent: bass
Tommy Wells: drums
Al Kooper: Al Kooper organ
Rusty Young: pedal steel guitar
Kim Richey and Bill: vocal harmonies
Bill: acoustic and elctric guitars (6 & 12); mandolin; percussion and lead vocal

"The S.W.A.T. Team of Love" (Lloyd) (EMI-Blackwood/Okay Then) (BMI)

Recorded and mixed by Tim Coats at Moondog.

Garry: bass
Tommy: drums
Al: keyboards
Kim and Bill: vocal harmonies
Bill: acoustic and electric guitars; mandolin; and lead vocal

"A Beautiful Lie" (Lloyd/David Surface) (EMI-Blackwood/Angel On My Table Music) (BMI)

Recorded and mixed by Scott Baggett at The Sanctuary.

Byron House: bass
Marc Owens; drums
Dennis Locorriere: harmony vocals
Bill: guitars; percussion; lead vocals

"Channeling the King" (Lloyd) (Bill Lloyd Music) (BMI)

Recorded and mixed by Scott at The Sanctuary.

Brad: bass
Fenner: drums
Grimey: electric guitar
Bill:acoustic and electric guitars; mandolin; percussion; all vocals

"Out of the Picture" (Lloyd) (Careers Music Inc./Kung-Fu Grip Music) (BMI)

Recorded by Rick Will.
Overdubs and mixed by Scott Baggett at 16th Ave.

Byron: bass
Marc: drums
Bill: acoustic and electric guitars (6 & 12-string); piano; percussion; all vocals

"Anything Less Than Love" (Lloyd) (Careers Music Inc./Kung-Fu Grip Music)

Recorded by Rick Will.
Overdubs and Mixed by Scott Baggett at 16th Ave.

Byron: bass
Marc: drums
Bill: guitar-o-rama;piano; percussion; all vocals


*song fragments

"I Went Electric"  (Bill Lloyd)


    V1    Nothing seemed to change for days on end
            Repetition was my only friend
            I was in a coma in the middle of the road
            Until you hit me like a lightning bolt

    CH    I Went Electric when I first laid eyes on you
            And you kept turnin' up the juice until my fuses blew
            And like a power surge, I felt the kick..
            I Went Electric

    V2    Love was like a doctor's waiting room
            A Muzak version of your favorite tune
            Until the real thing finally came along
            You flipped my switch and all my lights came on

    CH   (Repeat Chorus)

    BR  You send a current up and down my spine
            I feel a little bit like Frankenstein
            It seems to happen every single time we kiss

    CH   (Repeat Chorus)

    (EMI Blackwood Music, Inc./Okay Then, BMI)

"This Is Where I Belong"  (Ray Davies)

    V1     I can't think of a place I'd rather be
              The whole wide world don't mean so much to me

    CH    'Cos this is where I belong
              This Is Where I Belong

    V2     Tell me now, do you want me here to stay
              It don't matter 'cos I'd stay here anyway

    CH     (Repeat Chorus)

    BR     I ain't gonna' wander like some boy I used to know
              He's a real unlucky fellow and he's got no place to go

    V3      I don't need a house upon a hill
              Why should I when I'd only miss you still

    CH     (Repeat Chorus)

    (Hill and Range Songs, BMI)

* Tune Up

"Trampoline"  (Bill Lloyd/Greg Trooper)

    V1   She's either up or down
            She's never in-between
            She never hits the ground
            She's on a Trampoline
            She cannot help herself
            This woman of extremes
            No one can talk her down
            Down from her Trampoline

    CH   Forever bouncing
            Bouncing off the walls
            You know it's gotta' hurt when she falls
            But when she's flyin', it's just like a dream
            She ain't crazy
            She's got a Trampoline

    V2   Her parents always claimed it started at 13
            They said,"It's chemical..her and her trampoline"
            God bless our daily bread Coffee and Dramamine
            God bless our ups and downs
            God damn her Trampoline

    CH   (Repeat Chorus)

    (EMI Blackwood Music, Inc./Ikay Then and Songs of Polygram International, Inc./Door Number One mUsic/Seven Long Days Music, BMI)

*  "Highway to Pegram" (Instrumental) (Bill Lloyd)

"In The Line Of Fire"  (Bill Lloyd/David Surface)

    V1   She Like the way I listen
            Ignores my indecision
            Telling me things I don't wanna' know
            He shares his secrets with me
            All of those things she can't see
            Taking me where I don't wanna' go

    CH   I'm In the Line of Fire
            You're makin' me feel like a liar
            Too many tears to dry
            I'm in between where the bullets fly

    V2   Now I don't wanna' hear it
            But I just got too near it
            Now all I want is to get away
            Remember when this started
            I felt so open-hearted
            Now I can't make it thru one more day

    CH  (Repeat Chorus)

    BR  Tonight we're Sitting here Raising Arizona one more time
            You're on your best behavior
            You know every line

    V3   Why don't you move this party
            Right back to where it started..
            Maybe the house where you're supposed to live

    (Careers Music, Inc./Kung-Fu Grip Music and Angel On My Table Music, BMI)

"I Know What You're Thinking"  (Bill Lloyd)

    V1   It's been awhile, like ancient history
            and I don't know you now
            but I know what you think of me
            I cannot read your mind
            but I can read your face
            I can see the wheels turning
            Behind your eyes like they were
            running a race

    CH  I Know What You're Thinkin' right now
            I Know Wha You're Thinkin' about
            You don't have to tell me, I can see
            I Know What You're Thinkin' when
            you're thinkin' 'bout me

    V2   We fought our little wars, but it got out of hand
            We took it personal, like a private Vietnam
            It's a better world, the one I'm livin' in
            I've seen that look before and I'm not goin' back again

    CH (Repeat Chorus)

    BR   I thought that time would surely heal
            the way our memories make us feel
            but here we are and it's the same
            Yeah, it's the saddest thing that nothin's changed

    CH   (Repeat Chorus)

    (EMI Blackwood Music, Inc./Okay Then, BMI)

* Tune Up

"Forget About Us"  (Bill Lloyd)

    V1  Well, as much as I try I can't forget about us
           And as the years slip by, I can't forget about us
          There's still an empty spot here in my heart
          There's still something tied deep down inside me

    CH  and I know I'll regret what I cannot
            Forget About Us

    V2   Well, as long as it's been..I can't forget about us
            You must be under my skin, I can't foget about us
            There's something old and real I can still feel
            It's a real sweet ache and I just can't shake it

    CH  and I know I'll regret what I cannot
            Forget About Us

    BR   How can I expect you to feel the same way that
            I do after all that we've been through

            (solo) (repeat end of V1 and Chorus)

    (Careers Music Inc./Kung-Fu Grip Music)(BMI)

*"Don't Ever Change"  (Bill Lloyd)

When the groove gets goin' and you're movin' in sync with the wild little notion that it's every little thing that makes you tune into the ticky-tack that's wrackin' you're brain Don't Ever Change You've got a motion of your own Don't Ever Change When the answer is unknown You can feel it with a baseball mitt You're free to stake your claim Don't Ever Change It's written in my yearbook It's written in the stars It's written in my contract and Billy Joel's Christmas cards Don't Ever Change Don't go changin' on me now Don't Ever Change I'm gonna' miss our study hall When you get that groove a' movin' Ain't no time to look away Don't Ever Change Don't Ever Change Don't Ever Change Don't Ever Change..


V1    Love born out of trial and error
        Sometimes it just takes forever to see what's right in front of me
         Love sure takes alot of practice
        So hard and the simple fact is that I don't always know why I try

CH   But it came out Alright Alright
        It came out Alright this time
        Alright Alright It came out alright this time

V2    Love hits and your heart denies it
        Sometime you don't recognize it at all
        It's like a long distance call
        Love quits when you least expect it
        Sometimes you get disconnected and get connected again

CH   (Repeat Chorus)

BR   It's a glorious struggle I looked it over held it up to he light
        I checked it out and this time it came out Alright

        (solo) (Repeat Chorus x 2)

(Careers Music Inc./Kung Fu Grip Music)BMI

"The Man Who Knew Too Much"  (Bill Lloyd/Marshall Crenshaw)

    V1    You started calling Monday , I let it ring 'til Friday
            night I didn't wanna' face it The chance that you
            were probably right

    CH   I was The Man Who Knew Too Much
            I was proof nobody wants the truth when it comes to love
            I was the Man Who Knew Too Much Everytime
            you tried to change my mind My mind was made up
            Yeah, I..I was The Man Who Knew Too Much

    V2   I never felt this helpless I had the answers for so long
            I used to be so fearless
            I never dreamed that I was wrong

    CH2  I was The Man Who Knew Too headstrong
            'til one day I found you gone, and I ran out of luck
            Yeah, I..I was The Man Who Knew Too Much
            I was proud, I was beyond a doubt..the man most
            out of touch  I..I was The Man Who Knew Too Much

    (EMI Blackwood Music Inc./ Okay Then and Amalgamated Consolidated Music Bug) BMI

"Niagra Falls"  (Bill Lloyd/Fred Koller)

    V1   The preacher ran a gift shop on the U.S. side
            and I swear I caught him winkin' at my blushin' bride
            Well, we couldn't get a witness but our vows were said
            and we rented us a cottage with a heart-shaped bed

    CH  Niagra Falls  Slowly I turn Step by step Inch by inch
            Tryin' to put an end to it all... Niagra Falls

    V2   We ran outta' money We ran outta' luck
            One day we woke up wonderin' how it happened to us
            Now my baby's waitin' tables at The Waffle Hut
            Wavin' at the tourists as they waddle off the bus

    CH   (Repeat Chorus)

    BR   You can get out on a highway You can get out on a
            plane You can get out on a barrell if your luck don't
            wanna' change You could wind up gettin' famous
            You could make a big splash You can shuffle off to
            Buffalo and never come back

    CH  (Repeat Chorus)

    (EMI Blackwood Music Inc./Okay Then and Lucrative Music adm. by Polygram) BMI

*Tune Up/World Music Claptrap #3

"In a Perfect World"  (Bill Lloyd/Cindy Bullens)

    V1    In a Perfect World
            You never hear a heart break
            You get it right the first time 'round, you never need a second take

    V2    In a Perfect World
            You give yourself without a doubt
            When trouble comes, you find a way to work it out

    CH   I still don't understand it
            Why love has to be so cruel
            'Cos In a Perfect World
            I'd still have you

    V3    In a Perfect World
            Every shoe's a perfect fit
            Eventually you find your spot and stand in it

    V4   And when love comes down, like a summer rain
            In a Perfect World it washes all the hurt away

    CH  (Repeat Chorus)

    BR   I guess I'm a fool believin' for so long
            but if there's no such thing then I'll just make my own..perfect world

            (solo) (repeat chorus)

            (EMI Blackwood/Okay Then and Mommy's Geetar Music) BMI

*"A Little Piece of Heaven"

"The S.W.A.T. Team of Love"  (Bill Lloyd)

    V1   The S.W.A.T. Team of Love are out on my lawn
            and I cannot decide who's side that they're on
            They're handing out pamphlets in black leather gloves
            With God on their side They're
            The S.W.A.T. Team of Love

    V2   The S.W.A.T. Team of Love on another crusade
            To make sure your freedom won't get in their way
            They get their orders Direct From Above
            With God on their side they're
            The S.W.A.T. Team of Love

    BR  You may want to pass but they won't let you through
            They'd rather that they make your mind up for you
            They'll get their answer off the collar or cuff
            But there's no easy answer for
            The S.W.A.T. Team of Love


    V3   The S.W.A.T.Team of Love use reasonable force
            They'll breach you and teach you as a matter of course
            They'll promise you heaven
            but that's not enough
            To make me give into
            The S.W.A.T. Team of Love

            (EMI Blackwood Music Inc./OkayThen) BMI

"A Beautiful Lie"  (Bill Lloyd/David Surface)

    V1   You left the door wide open As if you might be
            coming home I had no way of knowing where
            you had gone

    CH  But you came runnin' back to me and I never
            asked you why Sometimes the truth ain't what
            what we need Sometimes we need to hear
            A Beautiful Lie

    V2   Tell me that you were lonely
            Say I'm the only love you've known
            Don't say that it's temporary and you've got no better place to go

    CH   (Repeat Chorus)

    BR   Maybe we just might make it through
            If you say the words and think they're true
            If you can believe them like I do

            (solo over chorus)

    V3   I just can't name this feeling
            I can't call it love I can't call it hate
            It's just your way of stealing all of those years you made me wait

            CH    (Repeat Chorus)

            (EMI Blackwood Music Inc./Okay Then and Angel On My Table Music)


"Channeling the King"  (Bill Lloyd)

    V1    I can't tell you why he just talks to me
            His voice is in my head when I go to sleep
            He's sayin',"Son, it's just a supernatural thing
            Now you're Channeling the King"

    V2  He doesn't like the way he's remembered now
           He used to be a man, not a sacred cow
           It's time to take the trash out, bring the truth back in
           Now I'm Channeling the King

    BR   Everybody,everywhere, wants to share
            a little moment of our time
            They just want to know which way the wind is blowin'
            Sometimes the King can't seem to make up his mind

    V3   Well,Buddy, I got questions to ask myself
            So you can wait in line with everybody else
            Just tell 'em they'll all get their turn when I say when..
            right now I'm Channeling the King

            (Bill Lloyd Music) BMI

"Out of the Picture"  (Bill Lloyd)

    V1    I want you out of sight.. out of mind
            The story never fit the headline
            I've been too long in this dark room
            Now I'm looking straight into the light
            Here's the news
            It's flashing in my face  You're

    CH   Out of the Picture  Out of the Picture

    V2   You'd think that I would feel the difference
            You're no longer in my frame of reference
            So, I finally got a close-up
            Now I see the world in black and white
            Does the camera ever lie? You're fading

    CH   (Repeat Chorus)

    BR   Like a mirage in the heat
            You completely disappeared as I got focused
            Left me sqirmin' in my seat
            screamin' louder than a plague of locusts
            So, Buenos Noches
            How does it feel?
            Sayonara  How does it feel to be

    CH  (Repeat Chorus)

            (Careers Music Inc./Kung-Fu Grip Music)BMI

"Anything Less Than Love"

        V1   I never wake up in the present tense
                I never wake up in my current life
                I pull the covers up over my head and I'm back in December 1955
                Before the bright lights woke me up
                Before the cord got cut into
                Before I learned about faith and trust and dreams that don't always make it through
                And so we're born into a world that's cold enough to break the warmerst heart and day to day
                We simply take it (But)

    CH  I won't settle for Anything Less Than Love
            No, I won't settle for Anything Less Than Love

    V2   I'm a sucker for an even break I'm a taker for a piece of truth
            I'm a shaker for a beat so pure that no one with a soul would ask for proof
            In a different world I might not care
            In a different world I might give in
            But here's a world in which I'm stuck and giving up might be my greatest sin
            When all my cosmic theories turn to cosmic dust
            I wanna' find out that there's something I can trust

    CH   (Repeat Chorus)

    BR    Anything Less Than Love might be more than I bargained for

    V3  If I ever take this road again
            If I ever make another run
            I guess I'll try to live a better life and make my next life perfect just for fun
            Just for fun in a perfect world
            I'll set my watch for the perfect time
            I'll sit and wait 'til my time is up
            And on that night recite the perfect line
            Maybe an epitaph
            Some words that I can use
            So I'll convince myself there's nothing left to lose

            (Repeat Chorus)

*"I Went Electric" (Reprise)


    "I Went Electric"  (Lloyd)
    The title is a fairly obvious play on Bob Dylan going electric in '65, but the song is really about that feeling of falling in love. I guess no one really ever quits writing or singing about that...

    "This is Where I Belong" (Ray Davies)
    A Kinks Kover that really spoke to me at that particular time.I had been offered a job away from Nashville where I've lived  and worked for a long time (and still do).  The job was a great  opportunity and hard to turn down but hearing this song one day in my car helped me make the decision. I'd heard it a hundred times but this time it hit deeper and I felt like I should record it.

    "Trampoline"   (Bill Lloyd / Greg Trooper)
    This one almost wrote itself while Greg and I just jotted down the lines as they came out..  the lyric may be a little dark but it's meant to be both funny and sympathetic.

    "In the Line Of Fire"  (Bill Lloyd / David Surface)
    This one was co-written with my longtime friend, David. We wanted to talk about that feeling of being caught in the middle of someone else's relationship and how it's usually not a fun place to be.

    "I Know What You're Thinkin'"  (Lloyd)
    It's a post-fallout song.. so when you finally see each other you know each other too well for comfort..  more uneasy listening...

    "Forget About Us"  (Lloyd)
    Written in a hotel room in Connecticut around '86 during the first Foster and Lloyd road trip opening for Roy Orbison. Our drummer, Marc Owens and I were rooming together and I  remember him sleeping through the writing of it.  I've played it a lot since then.. doing those Songwriters in the Round nights.  I've since recorded a different  version of this more like the way it was written.  Oh yeah.. the song..  the song is pretty self expanatory.

    "Alright"  (Lloyd)
    I got to play on Steve Earle's Copperhead Road album in 1988. I was in Memphis for the first week of tracking where I mostly played acoustic guitar. I overdubbed a couple of twelve-string electric parts too. What's all this have to do with the song? Good question! I wrote it in the hotel that week because I was so thrilled about  working at Ardent Studios where Big Star had recorded their records. I was trying to write a Big Star song in a way..  More irony followed when I got to record the song at Ardent in '92 with Big Star's Jody Stephens on drums. I'm not sure what the song is about. Now THAT'S very Big Star....

    "The Man Who Knew Too Much"  (Bill Lloyd / Marshall Crenshaw)
    Most of this music was Marshall's that I just arranged to fit me a little better. Using the Hitchcock  title (Alfred not Robyn) was my idea and I had most of the lyric about the once cocky Mr. Man being humbled by love.

    "Niagara Falls"  (Bill Lloyd / Fred Koller)
    More music inspired by Foster and Lloyd road trips. The whole band was standing over Niagara Falls having a group photo taken when I started thinking about the Three Stooges bit ... "slowly I turn...".  That could be a song!  Fred Koller is a great guy and gifted songwriter and wrote some other wonderfully silly stuff that I loved ("Let's Talk Dirty In Hawaiian" with John Prine). So I took the idea to him and we came up with the honeymoon couple scenario. Nick Lowe has always been a big influence and that shows up here.

    "In A Perfect World"  (Bill Lloyd / Cindy Bullens)
    Cindy and I sat out on my patio on a warm Spring morning both wearing dark glasses and strumming guitars and talking. We couldn't see each others eyes. This one came out quick and ended up being a real one.. maybe because we were both hiding out behind our shades.

    "The S.W.A.T. Team of Love"  (Lloyd)
    I was watching too much television and got perturbed. It's a big world.. I just had to say something..

    "A Beautiful Lie"  (Bill Lloyd / David Surface)
    Another co-write with my longtime friend and collaborator, David Surface. I still play this song alot. It's a "tell me what I want to hear" song..

    "Channeling The King"  (Lloyd)
    Written in Switzerland. We were supposed to have a day off sightseeing and it was pouring down rain, so I'm glad I did this instead. On that tour we'd been watching a video (thanks Al) of a guy who claimed he was channeling Elvis.

    "Out of the Picture"  (Lloyd)
    More snide post-breakup music for young lovers everywhere.

    "Anything Less Than Love"  (Lloyd)
    This had to close the album because it was like a statement of purpose..too much to open with so it had to be the bookend.  I like the lyric still ..Having both Marc Owens and Byron House play on this record was perfect since I'd played with them so many years.. they put alot of themselves in the track.