Credits and Lyrics

cvr project ghost outfit
cvr working the long game
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cvr The Day After Christmas 3 EP 2012
cvr the sky kings
cvr the sky kings

Song Titles:

1. that’s the way love goes   
2. down the road
3. blue radio
4. one last look                
5. whole ‘nother thing         
6. a brand new way to say i love you
7. horizontal hold      
8. world of hurt       
9. i had it right the first time   
10. what i’d like to believe  
11. i can’t tell my heart what to do    
12. precious time    
13. later than you think       
14. safe to say i’m gone     

Recorded 1989 - 1999 in Nashville TN.
This collection of recordings come from a bunch of places. There are several home studio recordings, session demos recorded for either publishing purposes or for the Sky Kings and even an out-take or two. This particular material is the closest thing I’ll ever get to compiling a record that would fall in line with the music I’ve made in Nashville for “country”.. and that’s why I wanted to put these songs together as an album. There’s still a good bit of rock & pop influences.. but this batch is definitely rootsier than any of my other solo stuff.  I hope you enjoy it.


1. Written by Bill Lloyd (Warner-Tamerlane – Def Heffer / BMI) and Lisa Drew (EMI)

2. Written by Bill Lloyd (Warner-Tamerlane –Def Heffer / BMI) and Bill y Burnette (Still Working Music / BMI)

3. Written by Bill Lloyd (Warner-Tamerlane-Def Heffer / BMI) and Pat Buchanan (Play Your Horn Music / BMI)

4. Written by Bill Lloyd (EMI Music- Okay Then / BMI) and Monte Warden (Moonkiss Music / BMI)

5. Written by Bill Lloyd (EMI Music-Okay Then/ BMI)

6. Written by Bill Lloyd (Warner-Tamerlane –Def Heffer / BMI) and Tammy Rogers (Sony-TV-Timber Music / SESAC)

7. Written by Bill Lloyd (EMI Music – Okay Then / BMI ) and Monte Warden (Moonkiss Music / BMI)

8. Written by Bill Lloyd  (Warner-Tamerlane – Def Heffer / BMI) and Beth Nielsen Chapman (BNC Songs / ASCAP)

9. Written by Bill Lloyd (EMI Music-Okay Then / BMI ) and Todd Cerney (Sony/Crosskeys/Riff Meister Music/ Walmik ASCAP)

10. Written by Bill Lloyd  (Warner Tamerlane – Def Heffer / BMI) and Pat Buchanan (Play Your Horn Music / BMI)

11. Written by Bill Lloyd Warner Tamerlane –Def Heffer / BMI) and Monte Warden (Moonkiss Music / BMI)

12. Written by Bill Lloyd ( Bill Lloyd Music / BMI) (administered by Bug Music)

13. Written by Bill Lloyd (EMI Music – Okay Then / BMI) and John Cowan (Cowmania-Warner Tamerlane / BMI)

14. Written by Bill Lloyd  (Careers Music-BMG Music /B

Musicians / Engineers / Studios / Etc.. : Some credits I just don’t remember and what documentation is available isn’t the whole story so I’m just going to list all the fine folks who took part. Here’s who helped:

Engineering: Scott Baggett; Pat Hutchinson; Miles Wilkinson;

Marc Owens; Bill Lloyd

Mixing : Scott Baggett ; Bill Lloyd

Studios: RCA Studio B (yes, that one); 16th Avenue Sound B; EMI Publishing studio; Warner-Chappell studio; and lastly (but not leastly).. Def Heffer Studio (home!)

Drums : Fenner Castner; Chad Cromwell; Craig Krampf; Greg Morrow; Bob Mummert; Marc Owens; Michael Radovsky; Max Weinberg & Bill Lloyd
Bass Guitar : John Cowan; Byron House; Brad Jones; Michael Rhodes; Garry Tallent & Bill Lloyd
Acoustic Guitar: Bill Lloyd
Electric Guitar: Bill Lloyd ; Pat Buchanan; Mike Grimes; Mike Henderson
Pedal Steel Guitar: Rusty Young; Dan Dugmore
Dobro : Rusty Young
Mandolin: Bill Lloyd; Tammy Rogers
Keyboards : Bill Lloyd; Tony Harrell
Percussion: Bill Lloyd
Harmony vocals: John Cowan; Brad Jones; Kim Richey; Tammy Rogers; Bill Lloyd