Bill Lloyd Solo

CD – Slide Show / Bill Lloyd (December 2005) (Wizzard in Vinyl-JAPAN). Japanese compilation. Fifteen tracks 1984-2004 with three alternate mixes.
CD – Horizontal Hold / Bill Lloyd  (October 2005) (online/I Tunes/E Music/etc..) 14 song collection of never before released tracks..ever so slightly on the hillbilly side of pop. Available through this site.
CD - Various Artists "Lowe Profile / A Tribute To Nick Lowe"  (November 2005)
Foster and Lloyd track: "Without Love" (Nick Lowe) Other artists on this tribute include Dave Alvin, Eric Ambel, Chris Gaffney and many more.

CD - Various Artists "Stand-In's For Decibels / A Tribute to The dB's" (November 2005) Paisley Pop Records  Bill's track : Neverland (Peter Holsapple) by Bill solo and Think Too Hard (Peter Holsapple) as part of The Hanging Chads with Jamie Hoover, Robert Crenshaw and Don Dixon. Other artists on this tribute include Matt Keating, Bobby Sutliff, Tim Lee, Don Dixon and many more.

CD - Various Artists "Between Goodlettsville and Murfreesboro" (October 2005) Sound Asleep Records (SWEDEN)  Bill's track "Mr. Lucky" (Bill Lloyd / Thom Flora) Also on this same disc are tracks co-written and produced by Bill by other artists (Joy Lynn White & Amy Rigby).

CD - Horizontal Hold - Bill Lloyd (September 2005) A Fourteen Song Virtual Album; available online only- through I Tunes/E Music and Red Eye Disbribution.

CD - Various Artists - "This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio Vol.1" (Jam Records December 2004) Bill & Jamie's track: "Screen Time" (Hoover /Lloyd) (same version as on Paparazzi) Compilation of tracks donated for Dana and Carl's radio show. Other acts on cd include The Kennedy's, The Sex Clark Five, Chris Von Sneidern, Gary Gold & Shane Faubert and many more.

CD - Various Artists- Crowd Around the Mic - Volume 8 (November 2004 WNCW) Bill & Jamie's track : "Show and Tell the World" (Hoover / Lloyd) Hoover and Lloyd live in studio broadcast on WNCW in North Carolina. Other artists on the 2-CD set include The Subdudes, Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings, Tim O'Brien, Jerry Douglas, Asylum Street Spankers and many more.

CD - Various Artists- It Was 40 Years Ago Today/ A Tribute To the Beatles (September 2004 Bullseye Record/Canada) Bill's track : "Across the Universe" (Lennon / McCartney) Other artists on this 2-cd compilation include Al Kooper, Andrew Gold, Walter Clevenger, Neilsen Hubbard, The Spongetones and many more.

CD - Back To Even / Bill Lloyd (March 2004, New Boss Sounds)

CD - Paparazzi / Jamie Hoover & Bill Lloyd (January 2004, The Paisley Pop Label)

CD - Various Artists - Jambodians (November 2003 Son Rhea Foundation) Bill's track "Beech Bend Road" (Lloyd/Surface) written and recorded especially for the Son Rhea project. On same cd Bill produced a track for David Surface, "Running in the Dark". Other artists on compilation include Tommy Womack, Sam Bush, Jonell Mosser and others

CD - Various Artists: Every Word - A Tribute to Let's Active (June 2003 - Laughing Outlaw Records - AUSTRALIA) Bill's track : Every Word Means No (Easter)

CD - Various Artists: Hit the Hay Volume 6 - (February 2003 - Sound Asleep Records - SWEDEN) (Import only) Bill's track (s) : "Don't Listen to Me" (Lloyd /Greg Trooper) Also includes a track produced by Bill and co-written written with the artist Sherry Rich ( "Leave Me Out of It" (Lloyd - Rich). Other artists on this fine compilation include Jeffery Foskett, The Bottlerockets, The Honeydogs, Eric Ambel, Will Rigby and many's a two-cd set.

CD - Various Artists Hi-Fi Christmas Party (December 2002 - Vandalay Records) Bill's track : The Twelve Days Of Christmas ( Lloyd)

CD - Various Artists: The Stiff Generation / If It Ain't Stiff, It Ain't Worth A Tribute
(May 2002 - Groove Disques) Bill's track : Whole Wide World (Eric Goulden)

CD - Various Artists: This Is Where I Belong / The Songs of Ray Davies & The Kinks
(April 2002, Rykodisc) Bill (and Tommy Womack) track : Picture Book (R.D.Davies)

CD - Various Artists: Lynne Me Your Ears / A Jeff Lynne Tribute
(March 2002. Not Lame) Bill track (with Hans Rotenbury) : When Time Stood Still (Lynne)

CD - All In One Place / Bill Lloyd (March, 2001, Def Heffer Records)

CD - Various Artists: Our Favorite Texan: Bobby Fuller Four-Ever - Tribute Album (August 1999, #9 Records - JAPAN) Bill track : Let Her Dance (B. Fuller)

CD - Various Artists: Postcards From the Other Side (April 1999, Lazy Cat-JAPAN)
Bill track : "There You Are Again" (Lloyd / Lowenstein)

CD - Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants / Bill Lloyd (March 1999, Koch Records)

CD - Various Artists: Fireworks Vol.2 (March 1999, Sound Asleep Records - SWEDEN)
Bill tracks : "Work in Progress" (Lloyd / Allen) and "Ring Around the Moon" (Lloyd / Baird)

CD - Various Artists: Edges From the Postcard 2 (July 1998, P2 Records/Twangfest Sampler) Bill track : " I Can't Tell My Heart What To Do" (Lloyd / Warden)

CD - Various Artists: Nashpop - A Nashville Pop Compilation (June 1998, Not Lame)
Bill tracks : "Contact High" (Lloyd / Baggett) and " How Can We Go On" (Lloyd/ McFadden)

CD - promo Various Artists: Bucketfull of Brains 50th Anniversary CD (April 1998, Bucketful of Brains) Bill track: " I Had It Right the First Time" (Lloyd/Cerney)

CD - Various Artists: Popotopia- Power Pop Classics of the '80s (May 1997, Rhino Records) Bill track : "Lisa Anne" (Lloyd)

CD - Various Artists: Come and Get It - a tribute to Badfinger (March 1997, Copper Records) Bill track : Lonely You (Pete Ham)

CD- Various Artists: Raspberries Preserved - A Tribute (February 1997, Ginger Records) Bill track : Goin' Nowhere Tonight" (Smalley/Carmen)

CD - Various Artists: East Side Story - (April 1996, East Side Digital) Compilation of Various Artists on East Side Digital - previously available only on a promotional CD Bill track : "The Shortest Distance Between Two Points" (Lloyd/Wynn)

CD/EP - Confidence is High + 4 / Bill Lloyd (Sept. 1995, Sound Asleep Records, Sweden) (Import Only) (Includes title track plus four other tracks recorded in Bill's home studio )

CD - Various Artists: The Best of Mountain Stage (Sept. 1995, Blue Plate Records) Bill track: "Trampoline" (Lloyd / Trooper) (live version from Mountain Stage radio program)

CD - Various Artists: Sing Hollies in Reverse - Hollies Tribute Album (Sept. 1995, Eggbert Records) Bill track: "Step Inside" (Clarke/Hicks/Nash) Listed as Bill Lloyd and the Nashville Pop Co-op

CD - Various Artists: For the Love of Harry / Everyone Sings Nilsson (May, 1995, BMG / Musicmasters) Bill track : "The Lottery Song" (Nilsson)

CD - Various Artists: ESD Sampler '95 (promotional only release, March, 1995, East Side Digital) Bill track: "The Shortest Distance Between Two Points" (Lloyd/Steve Wynn)

7" flexidisc - Various Artists (Fall '94 issue, The Bob )
Bill track: "The Shortest Distance Between Two Points" (Lloyd / Steve Wynn) (four artists featured...other artists include Velvet Crush, Guided By Voices and Godstar)

CD - Various Artists: Hit the Hay - A Compilation of American Music That's Guaranteed To Keep You Awake (1994, Sound Asleep Records - SWEDEN) (Import only) Bill track: "Anytime the Time Feels Right" (Lloyd / Pat Terry)

CD - Various Artists: Yellow Pills -The Best of American Pop Volume 2 (1994, Big Deal Records) Bill track: "There's A Lot of Love in This Room" (Lloyd)

CD - Set to Pop / Bill Lloyd (1994, East Side Digital)

CD - Various Artists: For the Love of Todd /Todd Rundgren Tribute Record (1992, Third Lock Records) Bill track: "I Don't Want to Tie You Down" (Rundgren)

CD- Various Artists: Yule Tunes (1991, Black Vinyl Records) Bill track: "Underneath the Christmas Tree"(Lloyd)

CD/CS/LP - Feeling the Elephant / Bill Lloyd (re-released 1990, dB Records) (sleeve shows cave-wall art) LP (only!) Feeling the Elephant / Bill Lloyd (1987, Throbbing Lobster) (sleeve has a color photo of a yawning packy-derm)

The Sky Kings

CD - From Out Of The Blue (July, 2000, Rhino Handmade) One compact disc contains a collection of The Sky King's previously unreleased 1997 Warner Bros. album as well as 14 additional tracks from the Warner Brothers archives.

Promo only CD single: "Fooled Around and Fell In Love" (March 1997, Warner Brothers Records) (sent to radio only)

CD/Cassette single: "That Just About Says It All" / "I Must Be Doin' Something Right" (July 1996, Warner Brothers Records)

Cassette Single: "Picture Perfect" / "That's How You Learn About Love" (April 1996, Warner Brothers Records)

Promo only CD: The Sky Kings (April 1996, Warner Brothers Records) (10 songs sent to radio only)

Foster and Lloyd

CD - Various Artists "Lowe Profile / A Tribute To Nick Lowe"  (November 2005)
Foster and Lloyd track: "Without Love" (Nick Lowe) Other artists on this tribute include Dave Alvin, Eric Ambel, Chris Gaffney and many more.

CD/CS - The Essential Foster and Lloyd (April 1996, RCA Records) 20 track sampler of all of the singles , some album tracks and one previously unreleased song, a version of the dB's "White Train"). This is the only cd left in print from the Foster and Lloyd catalog.

CD/CS - Various Artists: Home For the Holidays (1989, RCA Records)
Foster and Lloyd track: "Christmas List"

CD/CS - Version of the Truth (released twice !!! in 1989, RCA Records) Two versions with song variations.. and included the singles "Is It Love" and "Can't Have Nothin' "

LP/CS/CD - Faster and Llouder (1988, RCA Records) Included the singles "Fair Shake", "Before the Heartache Rolls In" and "Suzette"

LP/CS/CD - Foster and Lloyd (1987, RCA Records) Included the singles "Crazy Over You", "Sure Thing", "Texas in 1889" and "What Do You Want From Me This Time"

and for those who need the grisly details...

LP/CS - City Without a Subway (1985, WRVU/Nashville) A compilation of local Nashville artists - includes "This Very Second" which was later released on Feeling the Elephant. This album would be somewhat a collectors' item mostly for the fact that famed folk artist Howard Finster designed the record sleeve. (He also designed sleeves for REM and Talking Heads during that same period).

Cassette Only - Local Heroes (1983, WRVU/Nashville) A compilation of local Nashville artists which includes "Feeling the Elephant"

Cassette Only - Practical Stylists EP including "A Day Without You (Is Like a Day Without You" (Lloyd) (post-punk Nashville combo)

45 only - Sgt. Arms "Caught in Traffic" (Lloyd/David Dorris) /bw. "Walking On the Roof" (Surface/Lloyd)

LP only - Various Artists: WBGN Goodies '81 (1981, WBGN/Bowling Green, Ky. sampler of locals) Includes two tracks from Sgt. Arms (a hybrid new wave arty-pop band led by Bill and David Surface)- "Baby Never Gives An Inch" and "Little White Rooms" (Surface/Lloyd)

LP only - Various Artists: Homemade Vol.II (1977, WLRS/Louisville, Ky) Sampler of local artists - includes track by Southern Star, "Fly to Regina"(Surface) featuring Bill on bass (!) and harmony vocals with his (even still) collaborators, David Surface and Kim Richey