-1996, RCA Records

"The Essential Foster & Lloyd groups together 19 tracks by this influential duo who scored several hits in the 1980s. The duo split in 1990 after three albums, but this collection is a good reminder that they anticipated the country youth movement that followed them." Michael McCall, All Music Guide

SONGS: Crazy Over You - What Do You Want With Me This Time - Sure Thing - Hard To Say No - Don't Go Out With Him - Texas in 1880 - You Can Come Cryin' To Me - Faster and Louder - Fair Shake - She Knows What She Wants - Happy For Awhile - Fat Lady Sings - After I'm Gone - Suzette - Before the Heartache Rolls In - Is It Love - Can't Have Nothin' - All Said And Done - White Train* - Whoa

"Top Ten Reissue of the Year"

Magnet, 1996

"If the Byrds and The Beatles were to have lunch at the Everly Brothers house and listen to Hank Williams Sr. records, the music would sound like Foster and Lloyd."

Hits Magazine, 1988

"Foster and Lloyd's music is almost a trivia challenge. Listeners will hear The Byrds, The Eagles, Neil Young,Waylon Jennings, Buck Owens, and bluegrass and folk licks. But the music never feels derivative. It's fresh, surprising and natural."

USA Today, 1989


Version Of The Truth

RCA Records, 1990

SONGS: Is It Love - Version of the Truth - I Wishdaida Run Into You - Leavin' In Your Eyes - Side of the Road - It's A Done Deal - Lonesome Run - It's Over - All Said And Done* - Workin' On Me - Whoa All songs Foster and Lloyd except *Foster, Lloyd and Gill

Produced by Bill Lloyd, Radney Foster and Rick Will.

Engineered and mixed by Rick Will.
Bill Lloyd and Radney Foster: guitars and vocals with Bob Mummert on drums, Byron House on bass, and Pete Finney on steel. Guest musicians include Bernie Leadon, Sam Bush, John Cowan, Jerry Douglas, Tommy Wells, Glen Worf, Bruce Bouton, Vince Gill and Jeff Hannah. The "Whoa" cast include Duane Eddy, Garry Tallent, Albert Lee, Felix Cavallere, Rusty Young and R.S. Field.

"Bill Lloyd and Radney Foster are among the best of country's new generation: as performers, the guitarists and vocalists have a fresh yet traditionally-grounded sound. As songwriters, they are remarkably sure-footed, crafting albums devoid of weak points. Version of the Truth has the balance and depth to cement Foster and Lloyd's reputation as a duo to watch."

Rolling Stone News Syndicate

"Now here's the truth; Foster and Lloyd keep getting better with each release. Don't be put off by the cutesy-pop lead track, 'Is It Love' -there's lots of brooding, country tinged, on-the-edge tunes here as well as the bright, strumming guitars and sweet harmonies Foster and Lloyd are best known for. With Version of the Truth, their synthesis of rock and country reaches a pinacle."

CMJ Horizons

"Foster and Lloyd are the best of a dubious lot: contemporary country artists. But what sets them apart besides their accomplished songwriting are their harmonies and ability to blend rather than mangle rock and country." -

The Commercial Appeal (Memphis)
LATER IN 1990.. The album was released again with a slightly different song selection.. same cover ..( no "another" version of the truth to mark the change). Two songs were omitted: "Lonesome Run" and "Workin' On Me." Three new songs were recorded and added to the album: "Can't Have Nothin," "I Will Love You Anyhow," and "Take A Little Time For Love." All were Foster and Lloyd songs and the recordings were co-produced with Josh Leo. The road band of Bob Mummert, Byron House and Pete Finney were used again for the sessions. Steve Marcantonio mixed and engineered the tracks.

Faster and Llouder

RCA Records, 1989

SONGS: Faster and Louder - Fair Shake*** - She Knows What She Wants - Happy For Awhile - Fat Lady Sings - After I'm Gone - I'll Always Be Here Lovin' You** - Suzette* - Before the Heartache Rolls In - Lie To Yourself

**** all songs Foster and Lloyd except : Lloyd*, Foster** , Clark, Foster and Lloyd*** and Lloyd/Terry****

Produced by Bill Lloyd, Radney Foster and Rick Will.

Engineered and Mixed by Rick Will.
Bill and Radney : guitars and vocals with Tommy Wells on drums, Glen Worf on bass, and Bruce Bouton on steel. Guest musicians include Marshall Crenshaw, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Sam Bush, John Cowan, Jerry Douglas and Mike McAdam.

"Radney Foster and Bill Lloyd are a Nashville-based duo whose sound combines yearing Everly Brother harmonies, country arrangements and a sly rock'n'roll sensibility. Their second album, wittily titled Faster and Llouder, also sheds the cliches that occasionally seeped into their songwriting, leaving nine nicely crafted streamlined tunes. The title track and 'Fat Lady Sings' both demonstrate that Foster and Lloyd aren't above a bit of humor, but 'Faster and Llouder' has an emotional richness that is anything but a joke."

Rolling Stone

"This time, the rock-country boys with one of the freshest sounds in Nashville stretch both ways. 'Fair Shake' is classic hillbilly; 'Happy For Awhile' is moody '60s rock. Strewn between are Buddy Holly, Beatles, Everly Brothers and other infectious influences. There are hits here, the most inventive and fun being 'Fat Lady Sings', a not-so-sad tale of of a bust-up complete with a touch of opera."

USA Today

Foster and Lloyd

RCA Records, 1987

SONGS: Turn Around - Crazy Over You - What Do You Want From Me This TIme - Token of Love* - Sure Thing - Hard To Say No - The Part I Know By Heart - Don't Go Out With Him - Texas In 1880** - You Can Come Cryin' To Me** All songs Foster & Lloyd except * Bill Lloyd and ** Radney Foster

Produced by Bill Lloyd and Radney Foster.

Engineered and Mixed by Ed Seay.
Bill and Radney: guitars and vocals with Tommy Wells on drums, Glen Worf on bass, and Bruce Bouton on steel. Guest musicians include John Cowan and Vince Gill.

"The debut offering from Radney Foster and Bill Lloyd is an example of what's right with Nashville these days...What this album signifies is the flowering of a Nashville generation that was raised more on the Beatles and the Stones than on Merle and Hank but is still respectful of home-town history. Songs like 'Turn Around' and 'The Part I Know By Heart' offer the kind of hooks, harmonies and ringing guitars that would stand out on any Marshall Crenshaw album, while 'Hard To Say No' is a driving rocker...Through it all there's a bright enthusiasm that should make this sound as fresh an entry on rock radio as it has been on the country airwaves."

Steve Hochman, Rolling Stone

"Everybody will love this new duo with the jangly '60s sound that catches the ear with upfront drums, fat guitar licks and crisp harmonies. They're rock, country, a little Byrds and a dash of Beatles, but with a modern country edge. Somehow, they capture the musical influences they grew up with, and still sound fresh. 'Turn Around' and 'Crazy Over You' are obvious favorites; just try not to sing along with 'Sure Thing'."

David Zimmerman, USA Today
Home For The Holidays

RCA Records, 1990

Various Artists Christmas Compilation
Includes "Christmas List" (Foster and Lloyd)

Produced by Bill Lloyd, Radney Foster and Rick Will.

From the same session where "Whoa" was recorded, several of the same guest musicians appear on this track as well including Duane Eddy, Garry Tallent, Felix Cavalliere, R.S Field, and Bruce Bouton.